üma kleppinger

growth hacker, strategist + writer


Trends come and go.
Great collaboration never goes out of style.

It seems there's always some new thang—a gimmick, a must-have tool, some new platform to adopt—all promising ever greater returns. But the best marketing, the most successful fundraising, and genuinely compelling communications all hinge on something that never goes out of style…


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Hi! I'm Üma.

I'm a freelance writer, communications strategist and small business operations consultant based in Portland, OR.

I work with mission-driven brands, B Corps, and nonprofits who believe that making sustainable and equitable change is as important as making a buck.

My work is informed by marketing and communications strategy and by my first career as a visual designer. Conversely, my strategy is strengthened by understanding the power of compelling, clear storytelling and writing.

When I'm not writing for clients I'm working on thought leadership essays and articles that explore topics such as servant leadership, regenerative economies, activism and creativity.

My name is Üma. The umlaut is silent.

Work With Me

Although I've worked as a consultant and freelance writer for most of my career, I've enjoyed long-term engagements with internal teams in the publishing, fitness, consumer goods and health verticals.

I am currently open to long or short-term contract work or a full-time role in a growth-oriented environment. I always welcome the opportunity to make connections. Say hello or inquire about availability, here.

Not sure how much time you need for your project? Book a Discovery Call to review your needs and come up with a plan.


Üma Kleppinger is a communications consultant and freelance writer helping emerging businesses and nonprofits with content and authority marketing, communications strategy, and execution.